Construction is an extremely hard labor field. Especially the cleaning of water in the foundation pits because the water here contains dirty waste, liquid mud, mud. If only manual labor is used, this can take a lot of work and increase the cost of construction services a lot. To solve these difficulties, pump enterprises have manufactured industrial pumps used in specialized construction to reduce human effort in this stage. The use of pumps in construction is 1 essential thing today. Because, the pump is applied in a variety of stages of a construction project such as:

  • Solid mud pit pump
  • Sand liquid slurry pump
  • Sewage suction pump

In addition, in the finishing stage, the pump is also used to transport domestic water from the source to the apartment complex, Pumping the swimming pool filter system, Booster pump to push water up, Pump for creating waterfalls, miniatures garden,….

All the applications on Mckarlen always have products to meet with quality and long-term durability.