Some factors affect the price of water pumps

Water pump is an indispensable device in today’s modern life. Along with the quality, the price of the product is also one of the factors that many people care about. Many people are quite confused when the same pump but the price is different. So what factors affect the price of this product? Please refer to the article below to get the most accurate answer!

What factors affect water pump price?

Water pumps are designed quite diverse with many different models, designs and brands. Sometimes the same model, brand, but each person buys at a different price. Product prices are affected by the following factors:

  • Market volatility: Not only the pump but also any product, the product price may be adjusted depending on different times of the market. When demand is high, raw materials are scarce, and input materials prices are high, the price of products will certainly increase. Conversely, when demand decreases, the price of raw materials is cheap, the pump price will also decrease.
  • Quantity purchased: When buying water pumps in bulk, you will definitely receive a more favorable price than when buying retail. That is why we cannot compare the price when buying a product with the price when buying hundreds of pumps.
  • Various distribution agents: Each distributor has different levels, the product price will also be different. Agents can distribute according to levels such as: level 1, level 2, level 3, …. In particular, the level 1 agent imports directly from the production facility, so the price will be more favorable than the level 2 and 3 agents. In addition, the same agent level but different distribution units will also retail. with different rates due to different costs of space rental and labor.
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