CA Series

As a line of Industrial Horizontal Axial Pumps supporting residential, agricultural and industrial water supply systems, food and wine brewing systems, purification components, central heating and air conditioning systems, control towers Main line pressure and cooling Very weak corrosive liquid, Swimming pool system, drainage system, agricultural land irrigation system contents, etc.


– Civil, agrycultural and industrial water supplying

system- Making  wine and Food system

– Clean mental components , content etc;

– Central heating and airconditioner system

– Main pipe pressurizing and Cooling  tower

– Covery weak corrosive liquid

-Swimming pool system, drainage system, farmland

irrigation system.


Medium  temperature: 0 ~ +70 0C

Environmental  temperature:≤500CMax.

Working pessure: 1.0Mpa


– Wet-end is all made from material. Pump case

adopt new manufacture technic as hydroform-ing, a

volute fluid–flowdesign to achieve more efficiency

– Low noise standard motor with high-quality

mechanical  seal­­

– Motor drawn out from pump design is easy for

taking off the impeller without piping removal

-Single phase motor mounted thermal protector

(three-phasemotor can be based on customer

requiraments to install thermal protector)

-CA series with a lengthening shaft motor, CB

series pump with standard B35 motor

-Standard DIN flange connection

– Insulation class F, Protection IP55

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