HSS Series

The HSS-Series is a horizontal centrifugal pump with a cast iron body, a stainless steel pump head with a stainless steel pump cover, and is suitable for a wide range of applications. The machine is capable of providing reliable pressure. These pumps can operate with liquid temperatures up to 70 degrees Celsius and the new whirlpool design can reduce noise to a significant extent.


-Fluid Temperature: 15 ~ 70OC

-Hp: 2 – 5 HP

-PH: 6 – 8

-Motor Rating: Class F , IP55

-Max Pressure: 8Kg/ cm2.

-Speed: 2900 / 3450 rpm


– Civil, agrycultural and industrial water supplying

system – Making wine and Food system

– Clean mental components , content etc;

– Central heating and airconditioner system

– Main pipe pressurizing and Cooling tower

– Covery weak corrosive liquid

-Swimming pool system, drainage system, farmland irrigation system


-Clean Water: All wetted surfaces that include -pump casing, impeller, diffuser

are all SUS 304.

-Silence: New Designed Vortex Fan can reduce the noise.

-Motor protection Class lp55 can endure the outdoor environment.

-High quality mechanical sael can endure the high temperature up to 90OC