SHP Series

The SHP pump is a portable sewage submersible pump for both domestic and industrial applications, which is accompanied by a unit with a pump and a motor. Due to the design this sewage pump is suitable for submersible installation in pits. double rails are commonly used In submerged installations with automatic coupling systems. The automatic coupling system is easy to maintain, repair and replace.

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-Impeller: Vortex/Non-clogging

-Material Impeller : SUS304

-Casing : FC200

-Motor Housing : SUS304

-Mechanical Seal : CA/CE

-pH: 6 up to 8

-Max. liquid temp : 40°C (104°F)

-Max. depth 8m



2 Pole, 50Hz 3 Phase

-Protection Type IP68

-Speed 2900 / 3450rpm


-Large quantities of drainage and surface water

-Domestic waste water with discharge from toilets

-Waste water from commercial buildings without discharge from toilets Sludge-containing industrial waste water Industrial process water


  • The pump housing are made of cast iron, the stator housing are made of thick stainless steel 304.
  • The unique impeller design prevents overload under severe operating conditions.
  • Semi-open non clog impellers prevent pump clog by foreign matter
  • Separated Chamber, to reduce the water impact to the double mechanical seal (For 3HP ~ over). The seal and flow channel are separated to reduce negative pressure.
  • 3 Bearing, good balance. 3 Oil Seals, The concavity design for the impeller inserts into oil seal. This prevents sand from damaging the oil chamber.