VIS Series

A type of centrifugal pump with a special design was introduced to technology and consumers by MCKARLEN manufacturer with the name: VIS – Inline pipeline pump. Pumps are a type of vertical pump, but they only have 1 impeller. Operates on the principle of centrifugal force like other conventional pumps. Center-balanced impeller for stable, noise-free operation and high flow rates.


-Pump body: Cast Iron

-Impeler: Cast Iron (standard) / Bronze or Stainless Steel(option)

-Pump Head: Cast Iron

-Mechanical seal: Carbon/ Silicon carbide

-Shaft: Stainless steel

-Coupling: Cast Iron


-Capacity: 5 m³/hr to 1000 m³/hr

-Head: 9 Bar

-Inlet & outlet dia.: 32 mm to 300 mm

-Working pressure: PN 12 Bar (Standart)/ PN 16 Bar (Option)

-Operasional speed: 50Hz, 1450 Rpm or 2900 Rpm 60Hz, 1750 Rpm or 3500 Rpm

-Liquid: Clean water, non corrosive, non flammable, non explosive

-pH Liquid: 6 to 8

-Temperature: -15°C to 110°C


Making two ends flange of pump body connected pipeline flange better with rubber gasket ring and bolt, so finished installation. For convenient to usage and maintain, should install adjusting valve on pump inlet and outlet pipeline.

  • Open inlet adjusting valve, liquid go into pump, so keeping the seal chamber full of

liquid (or will damage seal). Closed outlet valve.

  • Connected power supply, punish begin button and insure correct round.
  • Confirmed correct round,making pump start working.
  • Adjust outlet valve,making pump working based on design point nearly, according to pump rated capacity and head nearly (So better to install a pressure gauge)