If you see one of the following symptoms:

– When your pump is operating, it makes a relatively loud noise, which can cause discomfort to the user.

– The water pump will be shaken very strongly, indicating that the water pump is not stable.

– Power consumption during use is consumed a lot, a simple way you can compare your family’s monthly electricity bill.

– The pumped water flow will not be as it was at first (unstable), even suddenly reduced.



The most effective solution is maintenance, repair or if it is heavy to replace another pump, then Mckarlen is one of the brands that gives you peace of mind.

Most industrial machines will suffer from a lot of cavitation, don’t miss the next information below.

When you see air bubbles start to appear inside the water pump. The bubble is formed due to a partial decrease in pressure in the liquid, the air bubble moves, and at the same time the pressure increases sharply. The rupture of air bubbles will affect the water pump at the impeller impeller, the efficiency will be reduced, and the pump may be damaged.

Usually, cavitation occurs with centrifugal pumps, because this type of machine works mainly on changes in pressure inside the device. Besides, submersible pumps are also likely to experience cavitation but less often.

Things to keep in mind when using a water pump

The water pump is a device that is in direct contact with the water. It must operate in an environment where water is always present. Therefore, you should choose pumps with good materials. To limit the impact of water that can damage the pump. And vice versa, it will affect the user’s water source.

In addition, when using you need to perform maintenance periodically, according to a certain time. In order for the pump to be able to operate in the highest peak state.

Using a water pump, then you have to really understand it. Must know how it works, how to use it. To be able to install and use most proficiently.

In addition, users also need to know the errors that many types of pumps are experiencing. And more or less also have to know how to repair them so that they can perform repair or maintenance on their own when necessary.

If you are choosing an extremely good quality water pump device that can operate stably in the underwater environment with the outstanding improvement advantages of the European pump line at an affordable price, the pump Mckarlen, distributed exclusively by DAYES (VN), will be a great choice, perfect and most suitable for all spaces, all needs from households to projects. It will be the safest and most secure means of supporting water supply.

Water pump is really an extremely close and necessary device for human life. Knowing the water pump maintenance process is one of the basic things that users need to know. So that they can use it better and make better use of the great benefits and advantages of the machine.