Mọi chất liệu của máy bơm ACI, từ những bộ phận chính đến những chi tiết nhỏ nhất cũng đều được làm bằng loại chống oxi hóa cao, chống gỉ sét hoàn toàn, chịu được áp lực tốt và không bị tác động bởi môi trường bên ngoài. WQ Series thuộc bơm chìm nước thải công suất lớn với cấu tạo phức tạp đòi hỏi rất cao về kỹ thuật nên máy bơm có thể sử dụng liên tục mà vẫn đảm bảo công suất lớn và tuổi thọ cao.

– Power: 0.75 ~ 22kW

– T max: up to 40oC

– Head: up to 52m

– Capacity: up to 860m3/h

– DN: 50 ~ 250mm

– Cable Length: 8m

Danh mục:

Stucture Intruction

1. Pump Body Impeller Pump body and impeller are well matched by the repeated modifications and designs with AutoACD technology. Hydraulic model is high efficient, curve of output is flat, which can’t easily lead to overload. The impeller is strictly balanced so as to reduce vibration to the minimum degree and extend the life of bearing and mechanical seal to the greatest extent.
2. Motor Motor with protection grade IP 68 can work under water, making it best and most effective in cooling. It is more endurable than the common motors.
3. Mechanical seal Mechanical seal of motor is made of high quality double mechanical seal or 2 sets of individual single mechanical seal, which makes reliable sealing line of defense. Under normal usage, non-failure operation time exceeds 8000h.
4. Bearing Bearings are all high quality deep groove ball bearings, which constitute reliable support for shaft of motor and pump, leads larger bearing margin of radial force, axial force and other forces produced when the pump is working and make sure smooth running and long-time life of the whole set.
5. Cable and seal
a) Cable applied is soft and sewage water tolerable with excellent mechanical strength and oil resistant ability. Cross section of cable and capacity is selected in condition of 40°C (regularly 25C) and long time continuous working. So it is safe and long life in usual condition.
b) Rubber sleeve of cable has impact seal with motor gland, which prevents medium from getting into motor through cable sleeve.
c) There’s resin sealing between cable sleeve and wire core. Even after rubber sleeve is cut, it can still prevent medium from getting into motor through cable sleeve.
6. Motor casing Upper cover Up-Bearing house. Bearing house Motor body etc, constitute pump casing, every joint of components has reliable static seal. Each unit is checked by strict hydraulic testing, making sure there’s no leakage.
7. protection device
a) Built-in protection device: Pump ≤ 7.5kW is equipped with built-in protection device, which can prevent burning caused by over-load and missing phase.
b) Oil water leakage probe (on option): For 4-poles pump z 5.5kw, 2-poles pump 2 7.5kw, there can be oil water leakage probeinstalled in oll house, to test the leakage of first mechanical seal (from medium). when the medium is leaked into oil seal and reaches certain proportion, it will send the signal.
c) Overheat protector (on option): The overheat protector can be installed inside the stator winding of motor, when the temperature of winding (or winding is heating caused of other reasons) reaches a specific value, it will send the signal.